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Friday, August 22, 2008

Co stars love SRK

No matter what Salman Khan may say. Shah Rukh Khan is loved by his co stars. Ask Irfaan Khan and Lara Dutta, his co stars in Billoo Barber, which is being directed by Priyadrashan and produced by SRK himself.

SRK, who shares most of his scenes with Irfaan in the film, apparently endeared himself so much to his co star, that Irfaan is now missing him. The actor says that ever since SRK finished shooting his bit, he has started missing him. According to Irfaan, there is no zing left in the shoot.

SRK, he believes, is an entertainer, on and off screen. And it is this entertainment that he is missing. Lara, on the other hand, who stepped into the film after Bipasha Basu and Ameesha Patel walked out, is touched by the actor's concern. Since he is the producer of the film, he made sure that he personally checked the accommodation that was provided for the cast when they were shooting in Pollachi in Tamil Nadu, the same village where Priyadarshan had earlier shot Viraasat.

Knowing that there were no luxury hotels available in the village, he personally visited one of the houses in the village where Lara was to be accommodated. Of course, things were a little primitive in the village. The actors had to make it to their locations by tractor. Anyway, it was all rendered tolerable because of SRK's behavior and his concern for Lara, who he feels indebted to for agreeing to play the role Billoo Barber's wife at the last moment. So no matter what Salman says, his co stars love SRK

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