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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ashutosh wins Bigg Boss, Raja runner-up

LONAVALA: After an eventful stay of 94 days on the TV reality show "Bigg Boss", MTV "Roadies 5.0" title holder Ashutosh Kaushik emerged the winner
here Saturday night.

Ashutosh walked away with the prize money of Rs10m after winning the show against the remaining co-participants, Zulfi Syed and Raja Choudhary.

Ashutosh was nominated for eviction by the housemates three times but each time his public following saved him.

While in the "Bigg Boss" house, Ashutosh was often accused of using foul language and criticized for his unhealthy living habits.

His early morning dance on a wake-up song along with his humorous antics and one-liners became his trademark and a major source of entertainment for the viewers.

Though Ashutosh shared a good relationship with almost every participant, his proximity with former Miss World Diana Hayden raised eyebrows inside the house and caused much flutter in the media.

Both of them were often accused of being biased towards each other and remaining cut-off from the rest of the housemates.

Ashutosh was also the winner of 'Mr. Honest' title, which was conferred on him by "Bigg Boss". That resulted in his one-night stay in the "Bigg Boss" special room watching movies, as a gift, while the rest of the participants kept speculating about his sudden eviction.

The grand finale - called "jumbo finale" saw the presence of the show host, Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, and superstar Akshay Kumar - who was there to promote the animation film, "Jumbo".

The second season of "Bigg Boss", the Indian version of the internationally acclaimed show "Big Brother", started Aug 17 with 14 newsmakers including controversial names like Rahul Mahajan, Monica Bedi, Jade Goody and Sanjay Nirupam.

Earlier, a security guard was injured as a group tried to gatecrash at the venue of TV reality show 'Bigg Boss' finale here tonight. ( Watch )

Trouble started apparently when the group was not allowed entry into the sets, leading to a clash with the security personnel.

A spokesperson of the Colors channel, which is airing the show, declined to give details of the incident.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Riya Sen

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rachna Shah's French Connection


Bombastic sex symbol Rachna Shah had a queer but interesting incident to narrate when she recently returned from her shoot abroad. According to Rachna, in a rush to reach her hotel and report for the shooting schedule, she forgot a small suitcase near the conveyer belt at the Amsterdam airport. She picked up all her luggage but inadvertently left one small piece behind. She only realized it was missing when she reached her hotel and began to unpack.

Fortunately for her, in a little while her cell phone buzzed and a husky male voice informed her that he had found her suitcase at the conveyor belt and also managed to contact her thanks to the name and address tag which also had a phone no. on it.

The husky voice informed her that he was more than willing to send the suitcase over to the place where she was staying if it was fine with her. A relaxed Rachna gave him the address of her hotel and the caller said he would send the baggage over immediately.

Half an hour later, her suitcase was at the hotel concierge. Out of curiosity and gratitude Rachna decided to go down and thank the stranger personally.
To her utter surprise the husky-voiced stranger was one of the most handsome men Rachna had seen. He gave her his visiting card which proclaimed him the Managing Director of a large group of hotels in Europe and was based in Paris.

During her stay in Amsterdam, the stranger (whose name Rachna is hesitant to reveal) sent her gifts, flowers and even chocolates? He kept messaging her and wanted to meet her for dinner before she left for India. However, an embarrassed Rachna decided to keep a distance, politely thanking the hunk for his help but at the same time declining all overtures.

Rachna is doing a film Kal Kisne Dekha directed by Bhootnath director, Vivek Sharma. Rachna plays a negative lead role in the film which has cameos big Bollywood names including Juhi Chawla. The film is produced by renowned film producer, Vashu Bhagnani.

Rachna who was born in Bhilai, holds a BE in computer science and is a professionally trained software engineer. Her first job was repairing computers, she says. Rachna also choreographed college shows and took tuitions while she was an engineering student. She has done Rang Rasiya directed by Ketan Mehta and Kachha Limboo directed by Sagar Bellary where she has a guest appearance. She was also seen in The Last Monk by Sudipto Sen.............


By Sam Kumar Shukla

Actress and Item Queen the enigmatic and inimitable Rakhi Sawant will hit the Information Highway in a big way. Firstly, she has gifted herself (for her birthday on the 25th November) a brand new sleek and sexy, latest model laptop loaded with all the tech goodies – Wi Fi, Bluetooth, Integrated Wireless LAN and a high-speed internet connection which will keep her online 24x7 where ever she goes.

Also in the pipeline is a new personal website which will have interactive chat features where her fans can log in and chat with Rakhi in real time. Of course, Rakhi will be online time permitting and will reply to messages, instant messaging (IM) and chat. She will also reply to email from her millions of fans across the world. Her new website which will be online in approximately a month will have mobile chat and mobile blogging features. Fans, well wishers and others can send messages via SMS to a long code number which Rakhi will reply to as she finds time in her already jam-packed schedule. The website will also have a short code facility where fans can SMS and download the latest Rakhi Sawant wallpapers directly to their mobile phones.

This is part of a major image and perception re-engineering and make over exercise planned for Rakhi Sawant by Futuristic Media Network. Elaborating on this exercise, Flynn Remedios said, "Rakhi Sawant is already a household name. Everybody in India and all Indians living abroad have heard and know of Rakhi Sawant – a few may have hated her, but most people love her for her inimitable style. Like they say, love her or hate her, but you surely can't ignore her. We are giving Rakhi a kind of make over, adding a touch of sophistication and finesse with a dash of technology. We want to present a new Rakhi Sawant to audiences in a few months."

Rakhi's new website will host clips, wallpapers, mobile downloads, video and audio files, personally signed wallpapers and other memorabilia. Her sexy music videos which propelled Rakhi into instant stardom and fame will of course be showcased but in the 'Nostalgia' section. She will be connected to her website via GPRS through a hand phone device besides her laptop that will enable her to check feedback and messages on the go. It will be the first-of-its-kind for any Indian artiste and will also be linked to her Facebook, Orkut and Myspace Profiles. Currently, most of her profiles on Facebook, Orkut, Myspace, Yahoo, etc are fake and are run by pranksters.

"The new website will give Rakhi a new presence in the virtual world and will add a new dimension to the persona of Rakhi Sawant. She will have a virtual and mobile avatar - like an additional plane of existence," said Flynn Remedios.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The hotties Shweta Salve & Hrishitha Bhatt

The hotties Shweta Salve & Hrishitha Bhatt strike a pose for the famous fashion designer Nisha Merchant's bridal shoot. Check out the two ladies giving some breath taking poses.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Roshni Chopra Swimsuit

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Rakhi Sawant's ex Abhishek and actress Shradha Sharma deny their "relationship"

By Maneesh Rane
Global Bollywood News Network

Both Rakhi Sawant's ex-boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi and the hot, sexy Shradha Sharma have completely denied their "relationship". Abhishek Awasthi was livid with the article written by this journalist while Shradha Sharma's Media Manager and celebrity publicist Flynn Remedios issued a written denial saying that Shradha is not "seeing" Abhishek. According to the written press release issued by Flynn Remedios, "Those news reports are completely false. Shradha is not dating anyone. She is very much single today."

Both Abhisehk and Shradha are 'just good friends' as they are from the same industry and Shradha is concentrating on stage shows so they may be seen together on some occasions.

An irritated Shradha also further clarified that she had met Abhishek only once or twice and considers him a friend. "Since he is from the industry and is a great dancer and choreographer, I respect him and wish him all the best in his life and career. But, I am not dating or seeing him," Shradha asserted.

Shradha also stated that she is not responsible in any way for the break up between Rakhi and Abhishek.