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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rakhi Sawant's ex Abhishek and actress Shradha Sharma deny their "relationship"

By Maneesh Rane
Global Bollywood News Network

Both Rakhi Sawant's ex-boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi and the hot, sexy Shradha Sharma have completely denied their "relationship". Abhishek Awasthi was livid with the article written by this journalist while Shradha Sharma's Media Manager and celebrity publicist Flynn Remedios issued a written denial saying that Shradha is not "seeing" Abhishek. According to the written press release issued by Flynn Remedios, "Those news reports are completely false. Shradha is not dating anyone. She is very much single today."

Both Abhisehk and Shradha are 'just good friends' as they are from the same industry and Shradha is concentrating on stage shows so they may be seen together on some occasions.

An irritated Shradha also further clarified that she had met Abhishek only once or twice and considers him a friend. "Since he is from the industry and is a great dancer and choreographer, I respect him and wish him all the best in his life and career. But, I am not dating or seeing him," Shradha asserted.

Shradha also stated that she is not responsible in any way for the break up between Rakhi and Abhishek.