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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dumped Abhishek Awasthi dating new comer Shradha Sharma


Shradha Sharma is the new girl in Abhishek Awasthi's life
By Maneesh Rane
Yes it’s now official: Rakhi Sawant has dumped her boyfriend of many years and even thrown him out of her house. Abhishek Awasthi has shifted to a new pad in the far suburbs of Mumbai at Malad.

Both Rakhi and Abhishek have officially admitted to the breakup. While the news was all over the place, the big news is that Abhishek Awasthi has on the rebound started dating newcomer Shradha Sharma and is promoting her all over the place.

In a view to avenge his muse – apparently it was Abhishek who taught Rakhi Sawant to dance – Abhishek is introducing Shradha to all his contacts and friends in the industry. He is also coaching her in perfecting the art of stage performances and hopes someday that “they” would defeat Rakhi in a dramatic, televised performance.

According to sources, Abhishek has vowed to avenge the humiliation meted out to him by Rakhi – insiders say she used him to her advantage – whether it was when she was in Bigg Boss or when she wanted a choreographer to teach her the nuances of Bollywood dancing at the last minute. The couple used their personal relationship to gain media and audience sympathy time and again over the last two years.

In interviews to the media, Rakhi who was in Dubai has claimed that Abhishek “used” her to get work. Sources in the industry say that they “both used each other to get publicity and work”. They were the perfect ‘nautanki’ couple.

Till recently, Abhishek was the “choreographer” behind the scenes who “made” the dancing machine that Rakhi Sawant is today. However, trouble started brewing when Abhishek tried to get out of Rakhi’s shadow and come out on his own.

An event and celebrity manager who knew the couple since they started working together said that problems between the two started during the “Yeh hein Jalwa” show on 9X. Rakhi and Abhishek were pitted against each other in two different teams. Rakhi expected her beau to “loose” but Abhi – as he is known to friends – wouldn’t let down his team and gave Rakhi’s team a fight to the finish. That’s when all hell broke loose. Apparently Rakhi was miffed that Abhi wouldn’t tell him strategies that his team was using.

Rakhi accused Abhishek of having “changed”. Yes he was no longer the ‘spot boy choreographer’. He had emerged into his own propelled by his talent and skills. Rakhi of course didn’t like this. Meanwhile thanks to Rakhi’s constant nagging Abhishek was drawn to Shradha Sharma and began seeing her often. He also bought himself a new flat at Malad – initially as an investment. But, as sources say, the new flat was the love nest for Shradha who used to visit him often. This was the final nail in the coffin. Rakhi could never stand her boyfriend cheating on her or giving another woman more attention.

The two are now having a wild affair. They party together and even go out for long drives together late into the night.

Shradha Sharma was unavailable for comment, while Abhishek claims that he is single and not dating anyone.

Abhishek Awasthi is from a small town in Northern India and his first brush with Bollywood was the Zee 'Cine Stars ki Khoj'. Rakhi is from interior Maharashtra and her father was in the police force.

Abhi met Rakhi during a routine dance practice session in one of the dance rehearsal halls around Adarsh Nagar and Oshiwara. Rakhi was looking for a “personal choreographer” who could also double up as her spot boy, bodyguard, assistant etc. Abhishek was looking for name, fame, work and of course money. It was a marriage of convenience and the two got together like birds of a feather. Eventually out of necessity they began sharing a roof. (Normally dance rehearsals go on late into the night depending on availability of rehearsal halls in the crowded Oshiwara area.)
Abhishek is now seen in his first fiction show 'Jugni Chali Jalandhar' on Sab TV. Rakhi Sawant has moved on and is working in a Yash Raj movie with Shahid Kapur and Rani Mukerji where she will be seen doing an item song with hottie Sherlyn Chopra.